As a criminal defense lawyer, I represent board members and other management executives as well as private individuals. I also help corporations by coordinating individual defense cases when confronted with criminal accusations of more than one member of their executive body.

Criminal defense and legal representation
• Individual defense of executives and private individuals
• Coordination of individual defense cases in the event of accusations against more than one member of the executive body
• Corporate defense in the event of asset recovery or fines against corporate bodies pursuant to §30 of the German Act on Regulatory Offences
• Defense in corruption cases and property crimes as well as insolvency-related crimes
• Actions for avoidance pursuant to §133 Insolvency Statute in insolvency proceedings

• Identification and assessment of corporate matters that may be relevant under criminal business law
• Criminal due diligence within the context of financial transactions
• Risk prevention in critical situations under criminal business law
• Compliance trainings
• Liability-related consequences of accusations under criminal business law

Dr. Bernd Guntermann, LL.M.

Attorney at Law
Master of Laws (criminal business law)
Specialist attorney for tax law
Specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law
Specialist attorney for criminal law

Reichsstr. 43
40217 Düsseldorf | Germany

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