I have been practicing as an attorney since 1999. As a partner of business law firms Laugks & Guntermann and Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte mbB, I have acquired extensive knowledge in corporate and tax law consulting. This long-standing expertise is the foundation of my specialization in criminal business and tax law. 
Today, my main focus is on defending corporations and their executives in criminal proceedings relating to business and tax law. If a company is confronted with accusations against more than one member of its executive body, I also coordinate the criminal defense of the individual executives and employees. Furthermore, I advise on the prevention of business and tax-related criminal offences.
Another focus of mine is the defense of tax consultants when confronted with accusations relating to the participation in criminal tax offences of their clients and advising them on liability prevention.
Backed by a team of highly specialized colleagues and consultants, I represent and advise corporations and their executives in all business and tax law-related criminal matters.

All talk is futile if there is a lack of trust. (Franz Kafka)

Dr. Bernd Guntermann, LL.M.

Attorney at Law
Master of Laws (criminal business law)
Specialist attorney for tax law
Specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law
Specialist attorney for criminal law

Reichsstr. 43
40217 Düsseldorf | Germany

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