Besides my activities in criminal business and tax law, I also provide legal protection insurance services to companies and managers.
Legal protection insurance serves to protect policyholders against risks under criminal business law by covering any legal costs arising in connection with preliminary enquiries and main proceedings. 
I regularly help companies negotiate the respective insurance policies, and support policyholders and clients to assert their claims under these policies in the event of criminal proceedings and preliminary enquiries under criminal business and tax law.
From an academic perspective, I also do research and publish on legal issues related to legal protection insurance.
My LL.M. thesis at the University of Osnabrück, which I completed with distinction (German grade “sehr gut”), also dealt with aspects of criminal business law in legal protection insurance. Among other things, my dissertation at the University of Greifswald dealt with aspects of criminal commercial law. 


My most recent articles on this topic were published in the following journals: “PStR Praxis Steuerrecht” (Tax Law Practice), ed. 08/2016,  “Die Versicherungspraxis” (Insurance Practice), ed. 10/2016 and "recht und schaden" (r+s) 8/2022.

Dr. Bernd Guntermann, LL.M.

Attorney at Law
Master of Laws (criminal business law)
Specialist attorney for tax law
Specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law
Specialist attorney for criminal law

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